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2. Rolled with love and high-quality control as per the defined global standards.

1. Rolled with highest standards every step of the way.

3. Made with the finest quality of ingredients for an ultimate smoking experience.


We consider our paper-making process as much of an art as it is an engineering achievement. Our diverse range of papers are often composed of a fiber blend with translucent patterns.

We can customize your paper from the most common fibers to the trendiest options. Our product line includes wood pulp, hemp, bamboo, tobacco & rice  material options. All our papers are available in bleached or natural shade.

Premium Unbleached Cones From France.Handrolled with pure heart.


Premium Pink cones for our special ladies.Happy Smoking with ZEZE pink cones assuring you the cleanest, all natural smoke sesh you have ever had.

With our Bundle Box is made of  high-quality and earth-friendly papers that enhance each smoke sesh. 

Buying in bulk helps cut the cost,leaving you with more money in your pockets as the box comes with 63 King Size cones. 

We pride ourselves on creating quality prerolled  cones and that is just what you need to enjoy a great sesh.Our Pink Cones will enhance your dry herb to its full potential. 

With our pink cones the paper lits evenly and burns less as your first puff will taste the same as the last puff.